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Our Story


It all began a few weeks after Stacey arrived in Portland, Oregon to start her job with Columbia Sportswear in 2011. We met at a political event while playing cornhole. Yes, cornhole. No sparks flew at that time. Since we have a variety of mutual friends, over the coming months we would run into each other at events, parties (and even had a lovely conversation about hats at the annual New Years Eve 2 Celebration hosted by DJ Scott Nice). With a mutual love for live music, Graeme invited Stacey to The Wailers concert at the famous Crystal Ballroom as Stacey had never experienced the bouncing floor (they continue to argue if it was a date or not).  

About 9 months after first meeting, our paths crossed again at a friend's going away party which led us to meet up at the Portland Waterfront Blues Festival for more live music. The friendship began to change course and the two started to form a great partnership and love for each other. Along with the appreciation for music (Stacey is not as obsessed with Bob Dylan as Graeme is - thankfully) there was so much more in common - travel (not always on chicken buses), food, sustainability and adventure. On a weekend adventure in November 2013 to Vancouver, BC, Graeme got on one knee near Stanley Park as they looked back at the city - their future home. 

The adventure continued in the Spring of 2014 with our relocation to Vancouver, BC for Stacey's new job with lululemon athletica. While exploring the new city they planned the wedding for October 19, 2014 in Ojai, California. Now, as newly "married" couple Stacey and Graeme are finally settling into Vancouver, BC and the great region.

In Nov. 2017 we were excited to welcome the newest addition to our family - our son.

After amazing adventures in Canada, the 4 of us moved back to the United States in the spring of 2019 - to where our adventures began.

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