2 Byrds A Roen - Stacey & Graeme

Love. Commitment. Adventure.

Stacey Roen & Graeme Byrd
& Family

Thank you

Our amazing weekend celebration of love, friendship and commitment is possible thanks to the support we've had from our friends, family and community throughout our relationship.

We especially want to thank:

  • Our families
    • Bill & Sue Roen
    • Jim & Barbara Byrd
    • Our sisters, brother-in-laws, nieces and nephews.
  • Our officiant - Commissioner Jules Bailey
  • Stacey's "sister" and one of our favorite songwriters -  Cindy Alexander 
  • Our friends traveling from all corners of the globe to be with us.

We also want to acknowledge the following for helping bring our vision to life for this special weekend:

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